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Fontänpump med LED-färgljus

Fontänpump med LED-färgljus

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Skapa en förtrollande atmosfär med vår fontänpump - en bländande uppvisning av färger och vatten!

It will provides a steady flow of water, creating a beautiful and soothing water feature that enhances the ambiance of your space.



SAFE & DURABLE - The shell is made of corrosion - resistant plastic. It is durable with IP68 waterproof and insulation protection features for a safer operation.

COMPACT SIZE, HIGH FLOW - Despite its small size, this pump boasts a high flow rate, ensuring a steady and vibrant water flow. It creates captivating water effects.

ADJUSTABLE FLOW RATE - You can easily control the intensity of the fountain, from a gentle trickle to a vibrant cascade.

ENERGY-SAVING - It is energy- efficient, resulting in significant electricity savings while delivering impressive performance.

QUITE OPERATION - It creates a tranquil atmosphere, providing a serene backdrop for meditation, relaxation, or simply enjoying your outdoor or indoor space.

MESMERIZING COLOR LIGHTS - The included LED lights illuminates the flowing water, creating a stunning display of vibrant fireworks colors.

FIXED PLACEMENT - The pump is equipped with a suction cup bottom, providing stability and preventing unintended movement within the water.


Water depth requirement: 20-50m

Power cord length: 4.5m


1 *  Fountain Pump with LED Color Lights


Regularly clean the pump to prevent clogging and ensure optimal performance.

Consider the size and capacity of your fountain when selecting the appropriate flow rate and head capability for stunning visual effects.

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Fontänpump med LED-färgljus
659 kr